Occupy Phoenix, Feb 11th to Officially announce Recall campaign on Gov. Jan Brewer

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Recall, the ignorance of the left.

Looks like the recall effort against “proven to work legislation” that we have seen to actually work is under assault by the leftist, ‘Occutards’ and Marxist led labor unions again.  But we know these reforms work just by looking at  the reforms that Scott Walker signed into law in Wisconsin, they work for everyone but the Union leaders and democrat party fundraisers.

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Some times no matter the proof and facts you can provide you just cannot get through to a progressive.  It is just more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.  And sadly the Unions that claim to want to protect the worker are only interested in damaging the fiscal well being of the state.  But if they lose this Collective bargaining issue the Democrat party will haved to find another avenue to launder their campaign finance money.

Arizona could become the next Wisconsin as plans for protests, Capitol sit-ins and a potential effort to recall the governor get underway in an effort by progressives to block the passage of sweeping legislation to ban collective bargaining.

State Democrats and union leaders said that plans are in place to launch Wisconsin-style measures in an effort to block the collective bargaining ban measures currently headed to a vote in the Republican-dominated Senate.  Among the plans being considered are rallying large groups of public employees around the Capitol complex in Phoenix, lobbying moderate Republican legislators and potentially exploring a recall campaign against Gov. Jan Brewer (R). With Republicans’ large majorities in both legislative chambers, Democrats believe rallies and public pressure may be the only way to block the passage of the bills.   Source : http://www.azprogress.org/