Coal Powered Green Car Charging Station at WalGreens

Posted on February 9, 2012 by


Hidden Taxes

This is pretty sneaky. I wonder how many people think this power just comes out of the ground? Perhaps these greentards think this is magic solar powered Popsicle stick  that instead of melting in the sun leaches energy from the sun and it is stored in invisible floating flywheels.  Bet that last part went right over most peoples heads. Anyway this is a real problem for shoppers at WalGREENS. Weather they are asked or not they are subsidizing and encouraging this now proven climate hoax and paying for the fuel that is getting these GREEN-CARS from point a to point b.

Walgreens  is working with NRG Energy, a George Soros funded company , 350Green, got $1mn federal; stimulus plus another $1mn form Illinois tax payers and Car Charging Group, that received $15mn in Stimulus  funds to install these Coal Powered Green Car Charging Stations in select markets.

I have one question. What does a person in one of these cars do when they have been told to a massive snow sorm is arrived, you must leave in a hurry for what is starting to look more like a BLIZZARD.  It is 2:30 in the afternoon and your 20 miles from home and its really coming down now.  The roads become totally impassable. How long do you think you will get before your battery gives out and you morph into a pop-cicle sitting in the coroners office?  That is right, you may die without either being able to finish evacuating on foot or getting a ride from someone in a more formidable vehicle that runs on fossil fuel!

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for the innovation but it needs to be all funded by free market capitalist. It needs to be able to make it own its own merits as a viable product that satisfies a need or craving from the end consumers.  the government should not be playing wall street with my tax dollars.  What gives them the right to be the countries stock broker betting on one company over another.  END ALL SUBSIDIES NOW! Oil, Gas, Ethanol, Green! end em all.

Now before you try to call me a AGW denier let me tell you YOUR RIGHT, but I am not against green energy, I have 1000kw solar panel kit I bought with my money and built.  I also have experimented with several wind turbine designs in my backyard.  So don’t try to slam me as anti-green innovation.

One last thing I would like to make note of for our President however before I end this blog post.  Mr. Obama, you should be aware sir that  just like the ATMs stole jobs from bank tellers these coal powered charging stations are going to steal jobs from fuel delivery truck drivers and service station attendants.