Max Baucus: 2+2=5 Obama’s 2013 Budget and ‘Them The People’ are Stupid

Posted on February 14, 2012 by


Was you born last night too?

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Max Baucus, well how do I start this one? Let me think, oh no wait!  The deceptocrats obviously do not want us to think or we the people might realize that if every $1 of unemployment benefits that is given at least $2 of real growth is seen is not really possible.  I mean if that really works shouldn’t we all be on unemployment  benefits?  Think of the huge growth our country would see while no one has to work and we all just get a check and go to the store where nobody works anymore to buy food or gas for our car.  Wait a minute.  So if no one is working at the store, who do I pay, who stocks the shelves, who delivers the gas.  Do you see how this is such an outright lie.

But still I beg of anyone out there to explain to me how an entity can take money from one person, apply an administrative value as a fee to pay the person/s handling the processing, thus decreasing that value automatically with each regulation and step applied and then award that money to another person and in doing so double it’s value.   Please explain using something other than ObamaMath to me as we can all see how well that is working out.

I do not understand how taking from me and giving to him doubles the value of  one dollar and turns it into two dollars.  Do they think we are that stupid?  Well yes they obviously do.  What your really doing is subsidizing democrat voters, keeping them addicted to the government tit.

Fiscal enslavement of an entire sleeping heard of sheeple,  sure,  its a SNAP!