Sen. Orin Hatch: A Budget Resolution is Legally Required. So Who is accountable?

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Obama’s Divinely Inspired Budget

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Orin Hatch: “We have not seen a budget resolution from the Senate Budget Committee  in 3 years despite the fact it is legally required“.  Hey thanks for pointing that out sparky, Now tell the American people who is responsible and how they intend to hold them accountable for this infraction.  This is what I want to focus on.  The elite and political classes in America think the rest of us are too stupid or pre-occupied with where the next entitlement check is coming from to figure out what is going on and are betting no one will make enough noise to  bring about any consequence for their collective misdeeds.

The stars of the 23rd Morningstar Conference in Chicago warn investors to steer clear of US Treasuries and instead take advantage of a broad spread of opportunities emerging in equity and fixed income. Source :

We heard in the video from Sen Hatch that even Warren Buffet, “an Economic adviser for the Obama administration” called investing in US Treasuries “Dangerous”.  But we see Obama encouraging Bernanke to fire up QE3 and flood the markets with more devalued American currency.  How is this not economic terrorism when we are already over $15 trillion in debt?  Debt that the Fed is monetizing after swearing under oath to Congress that they would not monetize the debt.

Pacific Investment Management Co.‘s Bill Gross increased his holdings of  Treasuries to the highest level since July 2010, while billionaire investor Warren Buffett called them “dangerous.” Source {

See America, I do not care what side of the business end of the tax mans gun your facing. Getting money from Uncle Sam or having it taken from you, at the point of a gun no less.  The fact of the matter is no one is being held accountable for these monolithic screw ups or dereliction of duty where our confiscated earnings are used with frivolity. Voting these elected criminals out of office is not enough.  We need to see substantial prison time for those that subvert or deliberately disobey the oath of office.  An oath they sworn to protect at any cost the US Constitution.  They were aware of this oath when they won the approval of the constituents to represent them honestly.  They swore that oath when they took the office in ceremony.

These individuals have asked for and been given the sacred trust of the people.  When they fail to adhere to that trust and openly participate in the dereliction of office it should be held in a brighter light than say the guy that works for Joe the Plumber and got caught taking copper pipe home to turn into recycling for cash.  The public figure has betrayed us all and the oath of office, Joes Employee betrayed just Joe. Not demeaning Joe in any way but Joe can deal with his theft via the local police.  What alternative as an electorate do we have?  Not much.  The right of governmental redress is being shut down but liberal judges with every motion filed and those filing the motions are being disparaged not only by the democrats but the republicans as well.  I guess as a collective no one really wants to accept the truth.

Ok,  so what is it going to be?  We know the truth regardless of what these political puppets think we know.  Our current administration is shoveling the last of Americas coal from its few yet to be bankrupted coal mines into a bankrupt  illusion of  Solar Panels and High-Speed Rails to hell. So who is in charge of investigating these allegations by the people? Where are the inspector generals?  Are the inspector generals afraid to speak out for fear of reprisal directly from the oval office?  Nobody will step up and file the documents of impeachemnt?  No one will do a proper investigation and grand jury hearing for the factual Economic Terrorism, Subversion, Gun Running, Drug Money Laundering and even Murder commited in the name if not by the hand of Barak Obama.   Yeah, Okay go get those in the Bush administration you think are treasonous too.  Way too many questions left un-answered there as well.

The American people need to know the truth.  The leaders that subverted the US Constitution for political power and personal gains need to be brought to justice.  Those that have seeded the US Deeper into the grasp of the United Nations need to be spanked as well.  America, last I checked we were still a sovereign country.

We need to at least get the damn facts and put those responsible for our current economic state of affairs in the world spotlight.  The facts showing the deliberate economic terrorism against America are widely available in the laws signed by current and past presidents.  But these policies put forth by Obama’s administration and the democrats of the 110th and 111th Congress are not just circumstantial evidence of Constitutional debasement of American law and sovereignty but testimony to its intentional and now its almost inevitable demise.

As I stated before, there is also a litiney of not just Constitutional infractions against America but , multiple global infractions as well that have feed America’s economic instability.  I submit to you this was all done by design and is very much deliberate.

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