Through the years, Democrats on Gas Prices

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On Feb 23 2012, three years into his administration,  Obama had this to say.

Admitting that rising gas prices are hurting Americans’ wallets, the president argued that his administration is not to blame for the high cost of oil

And then Obama’s radical EPA is inserting a sulfur tax. Sort of Obama’s back door Cap and Trade. It will raise fuel prices anywhere from 12 cents to 25 cents per gallon. That is about $3.50 in new taxes EVERYONE that drives will have to pay when they fill up at the pump.

Now ask your self, Does that apply to those of us that don’t make over $250,000.00 a year?  It does!  Then this is not a new new tax! I guess its like a “Fine”.  A Fine like what you get for not buying ObamaCare, right?

The worst thing we can do during this “fake” recovery is to raise gasoline prices because of needless regulations but that is exactly what the Obama administration plans to do.

We wrote about this story on January 22, 2012. “The proposal would require the sulfur content in gasoline to drop from 30 parts per million to 10 parts per million — according to six senators that have sent a letter to EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson. ”

At that time it was only a proposal but now “the EPA says it expects to issue the so-called Tier 3 emission and fuel standards in March” (USA Today).

That very same USA Today article tries to fact check and debunk Gingrich’s claim that EPA regulations would raise gasoline prices by 25 cents. They say :

Bottom line: We won’t know until the EPA announces its Tier 3 proposal in March what the agency will do and how much it could potentially cost. There’s agreement that the EPA will do something and that it will cost more, but how much more is in dispute.

So they admit prices would go up but don’t know by how much. Gingrich cited the maximum figure of 25 cents but the minimal figure of the study still says it would go up by 12 cents. 12 cents to 25 cents is still a lot of money to be adding onto every gallon of gas. Liberals act like we need to significantly harm our standard of living because of the environment. Besides, since when is a Government projection ever right to begin with? Block-quoted Source:

Under my plan of Cap and Trade…..

Energy prices will necessarily sky rocket

Obama promised high energy prices while he was campaigning and this has come to pass. Obama can delight that after two and a half years in power he fulfilled at least one campaign promise.