Walton co. Schools Extorting Money from Children. ‘Pay to Play’

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Walton County Georgia

My granddaughter came home from her school this past Friday with a notebook full of her graded test from the week and some new reading assignments along with the normal stuff for a second grader.  Well guess what else she had?  Check this out.  A reminder of events coming up the next week.  The events include a “Fundraiser”,  Relay For Life.

click screenshot to go to FightPP.org

How they spend it:  American Cancer Society & Susan G Komen*

Were you aware that  American Cancer Society provides ‘services’ to Planned Parenthood?  But I do not really want to make this about that.  I have another way I want to present my case.

Here is my point I want to make with this infringement on our rights.  Regardless of where the money goes the fact the school is telling children that in order to participate in certain activities they have to pay to play.  That is right, pay to play.  Sounds like dirty old backroom Chicago politics doesn’t it?  Look I am concerned with the fact that I have to play the bad guy and my granddaughter she cant play because of my moral and political beliefs.

If my politics or morals for one reason or another dictate I do not give money to the American Cancer Society then how should I explain this to my 7 year old granddaughter? I will have to discuss abortion and birth control, with a 7 year old and tie it all in with why she cannot play with the other kids at school.  Personally I do not think a 7 year old is ready for that conversation.

Walton County School Sponsored Fundraiser

Or I could stand up and challenge the assumption by a school board that it can force a child to either fund a chosen charity, ANY charity, or sit on the sidelines and watch the other children with less informed parents participate in all the Pay to Play activities.

Here is another way  for you to look at this.  Could this exercise in “Pay to Play” recess possible foment an early indoctrination of what class-warfare is in the child?  The child of the “less fortunate’ family may have to sit out on the fundraiser activities.  These less fortunate parents of the children at these schools that can hardly make enough to keep the heat and lights on at home each month have to tell their child to deal with the rejection for a different reason entirely but the end result is the same.  The child is the one that is a pawn in a game for adults and the child is the one getting hurt by the pay to play rules.

For those on the left.   What if it was a  fundraiser for a charity that provided crosses and bibles for churches?  What if your kid had to pay a dollar a day for each activity?  Ok so now I hope you may see my point.  Elementary school is about teaching children reading writing and arithmetic, not highly charged politics.  In the end the child that is ostracized not because of his or her ability to come up with $1 per day but the beliefs of the parents is punished and that is patently wrong.

This is EXTORTION that plays on the emotions of children.

I called the school this morning and spoke with a very nice lady and had a rather lengthy discussion about this issue.  I will not disclose her views for her anonymity but they are worthy of respect. She advised me to go through the chain of command and  then forwarded me to the principals voice mail.  I left a message voicing my concerns about this issue and closed with my phone number and requested a call back.  It has only been a couple of hours with no call back but this needs to be seen regardless.  Things like this cannot be allowed to go unchallenged it really never should have been allowed to get this far.

DISCLAIMER FOR SHARON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  I have paid close attention to the academic activities at my granddaughters school that she has been exposed to since she began attending public school two years ago.  I am actually very proud of  Sharon Elementary and the staff.  They have a pro-student agenda and in my opinion it has been very careful to leave politics out of the classroom.  Just teaching the basic skills that are required to move into middle school as prepared as possible.