TSA COVER-UP: Naked Body Scanners FATAL FLAW exposed!

Posted on March 7, 2012 by


Naked Body ScaMMers

If this has been banned already at youtube you download the original file here. http://video.yourdaddy.com/How_To_Get_Anything_Through_TSA_Nude_Body_Scanners.flv

This is a scam and it runs deep into the administration.  Keep this phrase in mind “COVER-UP”.  No way was this flaw unknown by Rapiscan and TSA officials.  This has all the evidence of a cover-up!  Is this as big a scandal as Fast and Furious? Yes I would even say it is much bigger in scope.  The number of parties in high security clearance positions in government as well as  private sector parties involved in the technology that are and have been aware of this flaw must be in the hundreds. You say you can’t keep something like that secret?  Then you just keep the “Secret Stealth Bomber” in the back of you’re mind while you articulate on that thought.

SCARY SCENARIO : An armed  Mexican Cartel member uses this evasive technique  and gets on a Delta flight out of Texas to Washington DC….. with you got it….. a Fast and Furious gun.  He subsequently Hi-jacks the plane and kills everyone on board.

Not only did the person get past Mr. Janet Napalitano’s Star Trek Grade Security theater actors association they used one of Eric Holder’s DOJ approved ATF Gun-walking pistols from the Fast and Furious scandal.  Nothing to see here!

Fast and Furious was setup to usurp the 2nd amendment. The pat downs and naked body scammers are designed to make the population complacent with STASI like tactics and over-reaching authority.  So to enrich the Rapiscan owners, current and particularly ex-government officials with millions of  tax payer dollars for a theater group that does Security Vaudeville at an airport near you.

So again is this bigger than Fast and furious YES, only no one died yet because this brave person decided to blow the whistle on this fraud being perpetrated on America.

NUFF SAID?  What else do you need to know?  Do you think that for ONE MINUTE the TSA officials did not know about this catastrophic flaw well before these dinosaurs were even purchased?  If not who is responsible for the due-diligence that was to have been done before spending billions of tax payer dollars? Should that person be held accountable for this gross cover-up.  No way this is an oversight or neglect.  THIS HAS BEEN AN ON GOING COVER-UP, plain and simple.  This is a SCAM on the American people.   Security Theater!

Not only does this this system need to be scrapped those instrumental in imposing it on the American people need to go to prison for a very long time.  THIS IS AND HAS BEEN A MONETARY RIP OFF DESIGNED FOR A SECURITY THEATER SCAM FROM DAY 1 .  And Obama the administration knows all about it!