11 Dead in Afghanistan Massacre – he was screaming “Praise be to Jesus” over and over as he killed them

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Abu Ghraib + or – ? Media Says?

Keep in mind the media and the left went absolutely bat shit when prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq were made to act like dogs and put undershorts on there heads and general sexual humiliation.  But I am pretty sure  they all lived.

Afghan eyewitnesses say US troops have burnt nearly a dozen bodies of the Afghan victims, whom American servicemen had killed during an earlier massacre.

Earlier reports said the assassin was a lone US sergeant.

Villagers said the US forces later collected 11 of the bodies, including those of four girls under the age of six, and set them on fire.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned the bloodshed, calling it an inhuman, intentional, and unforgivable act. 

When Abu Ghraib was made public do you remember how George W. bush was crucified in the media for this horrific account of what took place at Abu Ghraib?  The narrative that went with the pictures?  Yes Bush was evil personified according to the left and it was so promoted by the same Lie Stream Media that is still operating today.

My question is how will this, IMHO, “much worse than Abu Ghraib” case be handled in the media. I mean people died right? Just like Fast and Furious, you know?  Will it get as much coverage as, lets say “Fast and Furious” is getting?  What is Fast and furious you ask?  Oh, that is probably not a good comparison then, unless your looking for more complicity by the media by not reporting a story.   I think the left and its instep media will run from this like the plague.

So is Obama going to once again spew countless apologies to President Hamid Karzai? Whose brother by the way was the biggest Opium dealer in  Afghanistan before his demise in 2011. I wonder how many Americans his heroin has killed? …Sorry way off track there.  So will Obama have the media try to bury this story and hope it goes mostly unnoticed?  This being Obama’s Military that is.  I’m not so sure he can hang this on Bush like he has everything else.

The only way I see this story getting real media coverage from the Lie Stream Media, and I mean coverage like Abu Ghraib got is if the US Soldier that did this, if  he was screaming “Praise be to Jesus” over and over as he killed them.  Then this would be a firestorm, a media sensation and with Christains on the pike!

So have it media.  How are you going to spin this one for Dear Leader?