Muslim Brotherhood for President

Posted on March 23, 2012 by


Obama, The Manchurin Muslim

This should not surprise anyone with so many members of the Muslim brotherhood already working in Washington DC directly for Obama.  These are his people.   And you thought Islam supports death for apostasy.  You are right.  Obama ‘was’ a Muslim?  If that  is the case why do the Muslims not cry out for his head?  They do not call for his head because the Muslims know he is lying about renouncing Islam as his religion.  Lying is encouraged in Islam for what they would deem for the good of the many.  A global caliphate would be in thier minds good for everyone.  Sharia law for the world.

I contend the fact Obama has not already been killed by a Muslim and continues to conduct pro-Islamic policies is proof he never renounced his Muslim faith.

So now the Muslim Brotherhood is going for two of the greatest political seats in the world.  Two Presidential positions on the worlds political stage.  One in the United States that they already have and one in Egypt.