Fast and Furious: Sen Grassley Demands White House Cough-up Kevin O’Rielly

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Complicit; White House continues to stonewall

Notice at 3:22 seconds Grassley states “We can only take it to the highest levels of the Justice department talking about who knew what about Fast and Furious and when .  So can we infer from this that they have already determined that Eric Holder and other members of  the DOJ are in fact complicit in the death of Agents Brian Terry and Andrew Zapatta?  Have they had an ongoing and direct knowledge of the illegal GunWalking operation?  An operation that is alleged to have been used as a ruse, a False Flag.  An attempt to use unconstitutional restraint to further restrict gun rights in America.

Gunwalker’s Kevin O’ReillyThe man who knows too much?

A central figure that has emerged in the Project Gunwalker scandal, known as Operation Fast and Furious, is an Obama-Hillary Clinton operative by the name of Kevin O’Reilly, who as it was announced yesterday is the initial focus of the investigation being conducted by Congressman Darrell Issa in connection to his extensive communication with William Newell, head of the Phoenix ATF. O’Reilly worked in the White House as a member of Obama’s National Security Council during the Gunwalker fiasco and currently works as a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He is now on assignment to Iraq. Is O’Reilly the ‘man who knows too much?’

During the 1950s one of Alfred Hitchcock’s successful thrillers cast James Stewart in the leading role of a movie entitled, ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much.’ Stewart played a character who by chance was provided damaging, secret information involving international politics, which placed his life in mortal danger.

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