Change the Media Change the World: Its Time to Flush the Liberal Media Down the Toilet

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The Lame Stream Media? Thats a double Flush!

Help rid America of CNN, ABC, NBC, MsLSD & CBS!

Hello I’m “Your Daddy” and I own this blog    Anyway I work from home and I have been in the eCommerce website development and hosting business almost 20 years.   I have several high end Supermicro servers that run  software for hosting Windows and Linux “Virtual Private Servers”. My servers are in one of Atlanta’s top data centers.  Around June of 2009 I was introduced to a device called Roku that streams internet TV to your regular television set.  Streaming Television to Branded Roku Channel like NetFlix.  I thought this was a pretty cool concept.

The Roku device would soon stream more than just Netflix movies though and I thought this was worth having and got one for home.  Soon Roku added a couple of other public channels on it and then Hulu came along and Amazon and then a slow trickle of other private channels started to follow.  It was not long before I started thinking about hosting streaming content and offering VOD services. I wanted to automate the process of getting client video published to a Roku Channel and other devices like SmartTVs that were just coming on the market to supported Streaming Television’.

I was aware of  Ustream and JustinTV Roku Channels and they are ok for doing some of  the low end non commercial stuff but you have no branding and, your control is very limited and you have no method of real monetization.  The streams on these shared free channels can break and are generally much  poorer quality than our HD streams, and again, you have no branding at all.  That was it! I had to produce my own solution.

Something I could resell. Yes I am a Capitalist, get over it!  Someone has to create the jobs.  I needed to create a portal that could provide custom branding on the outside for Roku and SmartTVs.  I needed the ability to reuse the code over and over and over.  I had to create a Roku channel Network DVR that was easy enough to use for the novice TV / Video producer but one that preformed as a professional broadcaster would demand.  Well I have the network background and the existing infrastructure to put this all together I just need the time and money to make it happen.

Actual picture of our data center

My small 1 man VPS hosting company is located in one of the best data centers in Atlanta so it was a matter of some updated servers and gigE router cards and some geek coding time with the data centers engineers to produce this dream product.   It took about 1 year but we created a portal and control panel that automates the process of taking a single incoming  h.264, Flash, Real or Windows video stream and records it for future VOD playback while also transcoding it for delivery live to a branded Roku Channel and a ton of other IP enabled devices.

We also provide copy and paste embed code from the control panel so the stream content may be embedded into an html page for delivery to websites or other IPTV devices like  Boxee, Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and even the XBox and Wii game consoles.  We can stream your data to just about any mobile device and with Roku right into your living room TV or on your new Panasonic or Samsung SmartTV s. can do it!  We are even working on 3D technology now and should be one of the first to market with 3D Roku channel development.

In Spite of Obama
So in spite of Obama’s war on the middle class and the scary as hell tax laws coming down the pike my wife and I are launching Hell we realy do not have a choice at this point, oh and without any federal aid, that’s right.  This new service/business will start to make money before June 1st if I get the word out we have it.

We have made great personal sacrifices and gone to great personal expense, looting whats left of our FIAT Savings in developing a customized point and click control panel that allows a client to manage the content and schedule of a 24/7 Streaming Television network through a  custom built branded Roku Channel.  We are creating the behind the scenes transcoding and encoding required to provide an “Out of the Box Streaming Television Network solution” for your own Roku Channel.

We new it would be a risk to launch a new internet company right now  in the face of SOPA, PIPA,  CISPA and looming unknown regulations that will surly spawn from ObamaCare as it weaves it revenue seeking tentacles through ever fiber of Americas withering soul with its tricks designed to separate us from our earnings.  The risk could be particularly steep if Obama is re-elected.

But at least for now “Right Wing News Blogs” and even Conservative Talk Radio Stations can have the ability for a  news producer to deliver unrestrained yet responsible 1st amendment speech with our Streaming Television solution broadcast over the internet perhaps in time to stem the tide of communism that has been thrust upon us.  I have a tool conservatives can finally use to fight back against the machine.

You now have an opportunity to retake the media.  If you are familiar with Glenn Beck and what he produces, it is Streaming TV over the internet.  We are like the infrastructure providers for his GBTV network.  So if you want to help take back our country from these whacko leftist I can provide the endrun production tools you need.  In about 45 days from contract you will be broadcasting over Roku devices and pretty much the full spectrum of mobile devices that are internet enabled these days.

If you have an SD or HD Video Camera or even a high quality IP webcam or you have access to fresh daily news recorded high quality video you can legally syndicate and want to use it to for your own streaming television delivery over devices like the Roku from, then we have a solution that even a novice can use.   You can be streaming live or recorded video right into the living rooms in homes all around the the United States and Canada.  We provide all the transcoding and delivery tools you will need to get your live content or per-recorded video delivered to the Roku device or any other networked device such as Boxee, Samsung and Panasonic SmartTVs, XBox, Wii, Android, Blackberry, ipad and the iPhone.  We are even setup to get your VOD or live stream event content into the iTunes store. also provides a service that allows you to program your content so you can produce a 24/7 content delivery for your audience or a running playlist of your VOD.  You could broadcast TeaParty TV News from several different TeaParty groups across the country.  Do Live event broadcast of Townhall events or simply use it to make money with your own placed ads while you re-run your licensed content or produce your own Conservative News Channel.

Another good example use of a Roku Channel would be used by Real Estate Broker.  The Broker could offer agents the ability to create video tours of the homes they have on the market looped over on a Roku channel called for example Miami.RealEstateTV.  The broker could charge a small fee per agent to cover the cost of the channel as well as offering time for ventures.  Lease time to other business ventures that want to do live broadcast.  They give you the  linear stream link and you give them the embed code  to put on a website and the address of the Roku Channel.

It could be used by school teachers to produce a “Streaming Classroom“.  A great tool for any company that offers home schooling lessons.  Stream Live Church Services.  Open your own Live event recording/broadcasting production service.  Start the next JustinTV even!  The opportunities are boundless.  If you want to stream it has your solution. also has a built in ad rotation component that allows you a way to monetize your channels with high end targeted video advertising built right into your programed playlist or as you may insert them right into your live streaming events for hard channel breaks.  We also offer a way to make your channel subscription based for additional revenue as well.

We officially launched May 1st so bring your credit card and kick off your own Streaming Television News Network!  Get a Branded Roku Channel today! Change the Media Change the World.

I am also looking for sales reps.  If you are serious and interested contact me at with your contact details and I will discuss how you can become an Independent agent for We are a self financed “CAPITALIST” start up so benefits are what you make them for now, but we will share equitably as we grow.  You will just have to bring your own for now and will for a time be an independent agent.  Commission only.
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