Exclusive: Obama New York Girlfriend Genevieve Cook Worked at Communist School

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More Composites? 

Squeezing The Truth out of Ozero!

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Vanity Fair May 2 published excerpts of a new Obama biography that makes the ‘stunning revelation’ that Obama’s New York girlfriend described in ‘Dreams From My Father’ was a composite of several different women. Politico then ran with a ‘Obama: New York girlfriend was a composite’ headline. Then David Graham of The Atlantic went in for the kill: ‘Politico has served as an unwitting pawn in a game conservative spinmeisters are playing to redefine Obama between now and November.’

This is all described in play-by-play detail by Tim Stanley in The Telegraph, bemoaning that Obama was not vetted in 2008, but sighs in relief that now conservatives are making up for lost time.

The only problem is that conservatives aren’t running the narrative, liberals are.

Remember Vanity Fair was the rag that ran the 10,000-word hit piece against Sarah Palin in 2010 in anticipation of a presidential run, that even the slavering liberals criticized.

Or that Politico was the smear machine that ran 90+ vague, anonymous stories in less than a week about Herman Cain’s sexual harassment accusers.

The point is that when the liberal media ‘reveals’ something about Obama, we know something huge is about to be released.

And for good reason. Obama Files has discovered that the fawning biography by David Maraniss and sexual but bland diary entries of the New York girlfriend excerpted in the Vanity Fair piece is a cover to get the public ready for the revelation that one girlfriend, Genevieve Cook, went to college in the radical socialist hotbed Swarthmore and worked at communist-connected Brooklyn Friends School while dating the future Community Organizer-in-Chief.

Watch the video to learn about the whole, sordid story.