Memorial Day Weekend Flag Theft

Posted on May 24, 2012 by


No Respect

For several years now my wife and I have placed flags at the entrance of our subdivision on Memorial Day weekend to honor those that have given their lives and limbs and minds to make so that trash like Entitlement hounds and Occupy Wall Streets useful idiots can speak out.  No mater how baseless and stupid the  wants and lack of teet may be these low lifes bemoan for they owe respect and honor to the men and women that have preserved that right for them.  But no matter how much someone should honor them and the Flag that they fought for and under someone has to spit in the face of these patriots one way or another.

This year my grand daughter and I placed the flags at the entrance.  We walked back towards our house and got no further than 100 yards when I start to shuffle her of the roads edge as I hear a car coming up with its BASS THUMPUTY THUMPUTY THUMP boom boom boom.  I know you have heard / felt them too.  After I have her off the side I turn back and look just in time to see a boy in an old two tone blue 80s Caprice Classic with Maryland tags on it with a one of our flags falling from his hand into the road.   He slams on his brakes backs up over the flag opens his door and grabs it back up.  As he is doing this I am approaching him to confront him about stealing the flag.  Before he could pull off I asked him where he stole that flag from?

Well he proceeded to LIE through his teeth about where he found the flag.  He said, “Hey man.  It was on the floor at da bottom of da hill man.  I ain’t stoled no flag.  I could buy one a dees fo about 2 bills.  Sides I am Puerto Rican / Cuban and we respectses our flag.”  Oh which one I asked silently, it sure as hell is not the American one.  Well I knew he was lying.  Hell the flag stick still had the red dirt on the bottom of the stick.  I just put the flags up there not more than 4 min ago.  And no other cars had passed us coming or going.  Damn I detest a LIAR! After three and a half years of Obama and his progressive democrats lying to America I am not sure I can deal with another liar in my face.  So I decided I had to just let it this one go and we went on our way up to the hill to the house got another flag and drove back to the entrance of the subdivision.  I am pretty sure God will deal with that lying low life later.


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