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What? Me….! vote for a Democrat?

Well I guess it could happen.  Our doorbell rang this afternoon and my wife being closer went to see who was at the door.  She told me she did not recognize who it was so I grabbed my pistol and waited for further instructions. The person introduced themselves to her, but I could not hear that part of the conversation.   My wife  stepped outside but before closing the door behind her  I overheard as she said, “So tell me sir, where do stand with the Constitution?”  Well that was all I needed to hear to get up and head outside as well.  No I left the pistol on the table, Annette and I are well armed for a Constitutional conversation.  The gentleman proceeded to explain he is tiered of the Constitution being trampled on.  He stands with the constructs of it, not against it.  Well this post will not offer proof of that to be true or false but it will introduce you to the impression of the man I met and ‘My initial opinion of him’.

We met Tony Lentini, Anthony N Lentini , age 63 today at my home in Gwinnett county, district 94.  Tony and one of his sons were beating a foot path through our neighborhood introducing themselves to the neighbors and future constituents. I am not sure he was ready for the confrontation he received from my wife and I but he had fair warning on his approach to the door.  I have a Fair Tax sign, Gods Ten Commandments in a set of engraved stone tablets in my garden and a Gadsden Flag all displayed prominently  in my front yard.  And all that is before you get to the sidewalk with the ‘No Trespassing’ sign meant more for solicitors than anyone else but none the less something he walked right past, and that we will discuss later.  Look, I ain’t hiding from the progressives!  I am easy to  find and you can come get some too if you want it.

Tony Lentini

Refreshingly, Tony appeared to be just another American fed up with the crap that is being rammed down our throats as of late.  He expressed his concern with what he say as the unchallenged candidate in Ga District 94 and felt obligated as an American to do something about that lack of choice.  Tony offers a real choice to those recently ‘interned’ in FEMA Region 4,  Ga district 94.  Tony is the other choice. Something other than that ‘Flaming Progressive’  Sherri L WashingtonSherry is also a big ‘pusher’ for The United Nations Mandates of Agenda 21. She advocates for taking privately owned property from citizens to produce a  ‘Light Rail’ alternative in Georgia.  Something that his already been shot down as a very very bad idea.  Tony made it clear he was not happy with the nochoice-choice of only one candidate, and a very poor candidate at that.  Sherri Washington is a conceited, ‘I am more educated than you so I should decide whats best for you‘ type of candidate.  Just another brainwashed democrat plantation slave as Herman Cain so eloquently put it.

Tony started right in and expressed his concern that the way the foreclosures in our area had been handled was wrong and he wanted to address that issue in office.  Personally, I am not real sure where to go with that particular matter but I will ask.  I think that the foreclosure toothpaste will not go nicely into the tube now that it is out.   I actually got the impression that Tony’s political efforts are mostly concentrated around private property rights.  My take is that he, like everyone else that still owns our homes took a serious financial hit on property values in 2008 and the 3 years of unchanged millage rates still being enforced for the purpose of local property taxes is nearly criminal.  I also think that the inability to sell his home while upside-down in a “current” loan has certain motivations for Tony as well.  I get it!

I did not ask Tony about his personal situation but for many even a short sale is just not an acceptable way to do business.  For myself, it has moral obligations.  When I sign a contract, I honor that contract.  It is part of what makes capitalism work.  When you start undermining contracts people lose faith in the process and capitalism gets ‘Croneyfied’ (to coin a term) as a result.  Just look at what Obama did to GM’s stock holders. Screwed royally.  And now the 2013 Cadillacs will be MADE IN CHINA.

Tony stated he is currently a communications manager with ATT and has been employed with BellSouth / ATT for over twenty years.  He is a non-union employee as well.  So when Tony has a problem at work tony represents TONY!  I stand with you on that sir.

Tony told us he felt the private sector unions may have too much power in the way companies are run and adversely affect managements ability to deal with critical issues reasonably, I did not press for any details.  I did not get a chance to discuss the Public Sector Unions with him and what, if any legislation he had planned for them.  I would like to see a Scott Walker style Wisconsin 2.0 exacted on Georgia myself.  To that effect I promise an attempted second meeting with Tony Lentini and I will ask about the public sector unions then.

Tony explained that the district 94 is 68% registered democrats.  Anyone that wanted to have a real chance to win, would have to be on that ticket.  I understand the art of war in politics so this looks like someone who does in fact understand the system looking from the outside in I think tony gets it.  As a registered republican that no longer respects the RNC or even actually considers it anything but elitist establishment just pilfering the middle class of rights and earnings but with a different label, Democrats of a different color.

I find that it’s really two other parties that actually exist in America.  The “I know better than you do” Progressives, like Sherri L Washington and the Constitutional Independents born out of the Tea Party movement.  Look, your either for socialism or your for the American Constitution.  I could see in Tony’s eyes he did not like the word Socialist and did not want to be associated with that term in any way shape or form.

My wife, with Constitutional guns a blazing pressed him on his knowledge of Agenda 21 and its destruction of our inalienable God-given rights.  Tony was not familiar with the actual term “Agenda 21” but was familiar with the terms “Sustainable Communities” and recognized that as a direct path to the loss of individual private property rights and eventually national sovereignty.

Tony promised he would get schooled in Agenda 21 and I promised him I would help provide him with some literature and links as well that would let him see the bigger picture on this ill-fated United Nations Agenda 21 push.  He is going to get a phone call from me about this blog post so Tony can start with these links shown above and this one too.

Keep in mind I am writing this after only a brief meeting at my front door.  I failed to take notes or even get a photo of Tony and his son.  That I will rectify before my next post about Tony Lentini.  I really did not get any impression at all from the brief  conversation that Tony is actually a “Democrat”, and when asked he stated he was not a “Registered Democrat”.  Well that sits well with me, neither am I.  But that being said Tony has made a significant cash contribution to a political candidate, a democrat, with a whopping $25.00.   Oh he is hardly a ‘Bundler’.  At this point Tony not only has my vote over Sherri L Washington, he will get my physical activist efforts as well, starting with what I consider to be a favorable blog post.  I plan to try and meet with Tony several times over the next few weeks to discuss some of the other critical issues we are dealing with in Georgia as well as the rest of our country if he is willing to talk to me that is.

I welcome your input…. No… I BEG your input on topics you would like us to cover.  If you post something you would like us to discuss please let me know.  You may also want to include links to information about the subject and please be sure to add your own concerns.  I am getting local.  I am vetting the candidate Tony Lentini for Georgia District 94.  No need to vet Sherri the progressive.  We can all see where she stands already.  pffft!

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