The EPA, without explanaton places de facto ban on new clean coal-generated electricity

Posted on June 11, 2012 by


Regulatory Czar…Explain This!  “Pfft! I’m to busy having a baby”

2007 Obama discusses raising energy prices to reduce dependency Closing plants and preventing anyone from being able to proceed with Clean-Coal tech through regulation is in fact a de facto ban on the industry if not the final death knell all together.  Shutting down the Coal industry has been a goal of the Obama administration’s cronies from before his run for POTUS.

David Hudgins said the Environmental Protection Agency has failed to state a clear benefit to its proposed limits on greenhouse gases at new fossil-fuel plants and wrongly assumes that utilities can rely on unproven carbon capture and storage technology to meet them.

“No company will take the risk to invest billions of dollars into a power plant in the hopes that CCS technology will be developed,” said Hudgins, director of member and external relations at Old Dominion Electric Cooperative.

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