Kenny’s Bake Sale and Lemonade Stand – A Restoring Love Event

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Restoring Love, Step 3:  Live It!

Kenny is living it. Kenny does not even realize it yet but he has been cast into his own future.  An uncertain future handed to him by us.  A bunch of snoozing sheep that waited way too long before we woke up.  Those of us with some anchor in history recalled the echos of the days of Nationalism and Communism.  Yes some of us actually paid attention in Civics and History, at least enough to call to question the socialization and Islamification of America  from the Oval Office   We have allowed those that will not produce but would rather, at our expense be fed grapes and fanned with SNAP cards determine the direction of our country.  This has turned into pay to play politics.

Politicians today are concerned only with getting re-elected rather than honoring the Constitution.  They stay in office for far too long.  We have sat idly by while ourselves and our fellow citizens have been raped and pillaged by an ever ‘evolving socialist’ government.  A government we elected, and one we are duty bound to replace.

Well Kenny agrees it is time for that to end.  It is time to restore love in America. It is time to live it!  In doing so we will restore respect and honor for each other as well.  Without Love, Respect and Honor, America has no chance at restoring Faith, Hope.  These things are tenements of a civilized mankind and have been diminished through the years and with great acceleration as of late.

What: National Lemonade Stand and Bake Sale Hug-A-Thon Day!
When: June 13th, 2012
Where: Find a location near you on our map!
What do you do? Have your kids do a lemonade stand! Have a bake sale! Share your stories with us!
What are we doing? GBTV & “The Glenn Beck Program” will be broadcasting LIVE from our own bake sale at Babe’s Chicken Dinner House in Dallas!
Have questions or want to tell us what you’re doing? E-mail

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