Obama on guns at a 2007 townhall meeting.

Posted on July 23, 2012 by


So many lies have been told already.

Mr. Obama why are you covering up fast and furious documents?  Shouldn’t we be able to trace, to find the source.  Mr Obama I think you are a hypocrite, a  liar!   I find it very interesting you talk about tracing and straw buyers of guns while still just a Senator.  You describe tactics used in Fast and Furious, You also are known to have worked in the recent past with folks in the Apollo Alliance that wrote your 2009  stimulus bill that was actually authored in 2007 and included $10mn for a program called “Project GunRunner”, later the same program would be code-named Fast and Furious.  Go figure.

You intend to sign the UN Small Arms Treaty that asserts gun control over America and negates our national sovereignty worse than the Treaty of the Sea would have done .  This Small Arms Treaty is a back door ban of the 2nd amendment of the constitution.  You sir are not protecting our constitution, you are working hard to destroy it.  The American people no longer believe your lies.