What has the Republican Party done for African-Americans?

Posted on July 24, 2012 by


“Democrats are the Overseers of the New Slave Plantation”

In an interview with the Rev C.L. Bryant on the Rob and Dave Show at 640 WGST Radio in Atlanta Bryant schools a caller on how the democrats are the party of slavery and oppression.  He explains how the republican party has been the party of civil rights from the beginning right up to today.  This movie will also be premiered at the Glenn Beck Restoring Love Rally in Dallas July 27th.

Be sure to see the movie, “Runaway Slave” it will  open your eyes!

NOTE : I HATED using this in my title…..The term African-Americans is a Politically Correct term.  Political Correctness is the thing that is most divisive right now in America.  We are either Americans or we are not.  You can be black or white or brown.  But if your a citizen of these United States then your an “AMERICAN”.  A  citizen of the United States of America.  A member of one race.  The Human Race!