Restoring Love with Lawn Mowers

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My wife Annette and I have been trying to work on Glenn Becks Restoring Love event on July 28th 2012.  We are not able to attend the even because of our jobs.  Annette does in home pet sitting and generally is busy on holidays and through the summer so travel is not part of our life’s plan.  I own and run[shameless plug], we produce Streaming Television channels like GBTV.  This channel, is one of our most recent productions.  So you IT people, you  know, complex networks never let you leave town.

Well being tied to others pets and my network in Atlanta we created our own mini-restoring love event.  We saved up for a couple of months and bought 2 lawn mowers, a Honda and a Brute.  Later the Honda and one other mower was simply donated to the cause by my buddy Lee.  The Brute mower I purchased from Wal-Mart heavily discounted as a returned item.   It would simply not run but is a brand new mower.  Del took care of that!

Lee recommended a gentleman named Del to work on these mowers.  Del repaired then both for around $50.  We later had issues with the Honda mower and it is being rebuilt. Lee had another mower and gave that one to us for the boys. Seems it has a set of bad rings that was discovered after I filled the gas tank with bad gas.  I guess we had gotten some rain and that managed to seep into the gas.  My cans are h2o free.

July 19th
Well two months after we started saving for this the boys, Alvin and his younger brother Daryl got their mowers.  Not the Honda yet.  Its still being repaired.  I guess we actually ended up getting them three mowers in the end.  Two that work.

July 25.
Well its been a week since they got the mowers and they have stopped by to give our yard a quick trim.  They have another mower now and Alvin tells me they have earned $200.00 and bought the Green Mower Daryl is seen with in the end of the video from a friend.

The business is growing…..They asked me if I could take them shopping for a weed-eater and a leaf blower next week to add to their arsenal of yard maintenance equipment.  I told  Alvin that when he is 16 we will start helping them shop for a trailer so they may further expand the business to other neighborhoods.  I hope this goes well for them… I may need a job one day.

Restoring Love Schedule

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