Mark Levin: Romney created more NET jobs at Bain Capital than Obama did w/ near a $1 Trn in taxes

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These numbers may be disputed but the USA workforce is less now than when Obama took office. And folks guess what, the population of able body working adults in America has increased.  The pool of jobs they choose from has decreased.

Clip was taken from the Mark Levin show August 7 2012. for context go to show “08/07 The Mark Levin Show” These remarks are located near 28 minutes into the broadcast. Its all here.

But What about all of Obama’s Green Jobs?
A Green Job is just something in somebody’s head. Just Ask Pheadera Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of, A Van Jones. Eco Fascist Activist front group.

I am citing LEFT WING WAPO for this….  1 Pinocchio rating. Click to read entire WaPo story