Photoshop: Obama supporter tweets Gay Love Picture of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

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This is both Homophobic and Racist.

Ahh the tolerant left.

Click the pic to see the actual tweet

Any gay man with a set of real balls would be insulted. That is  since they are so tolerant of the right, particularly a Mormon and a Christian, That just so happen to be Rich and you guessed it, White too.  How is it they allow their brothers on the left to get away with such hate and using their private Gay lifestyle as a means with which to bash someone else?  Follow me here.

Hey look at those faggots Mitt and Paul. LOL Fudge packers!  Do you see now?  They are belittling  these two ‘Rich White Guys’.  But what are they using to cut at them?  The LGBT lifestyle.  So what is it Left?  You hate the Gays so you use the lifestyle they live as a battering ram to take down someone else that you don’t like?

The LGBT Community is  just another tool.  The democrat party exploits them and coop their votes.    This display is both disrespectful to two Rich White Guys and to the LGBT community.  Especially those LGBT that hate Chick-fil-A for knowing about the 1st amendment.  Now about that  racist angle.

Well lets just  say it this way.  1st you see who posted this.  2nd. You voted for Obama the first time because he was black, well that was a pride issue for most blacks.  Harmful but forgivable. As a matter of fact a left-wing think tank, The PEW Research center issued a report that states just that fact.  Obama has been particularly harmful to the African-American community in America.  Here go read it for your self.  Listen to the short audio from Radio show as well. It is at the same url.   Host Glen Ford speaks the truth about the man that calls himself Obama.

So, if you are black and for Obama in 2012 you’re an outright flaming racist. Here is more evidence.  He has done nothing to help the blacks .  Particularly the youth.  His DREAM ACT allows for over 80,000 illegal aliens to compete for the jobs that black youth should be fillingObama’s policies are pushing more and more families into poverty and he supports the agenda of Planned Parent hood.

Planned Parenthood is  an organization that was founded by Margret Sanger with the sole intention of eliminating the black race from the face of the earthAnd who got the last Margret Sanger award in 2009? Hillary Clinton.  These are Democrat values.  Did you know that over half of all blacks conceived in New York in 2009 were aborted?  That is GENOCIDE!  But if your black and are still going to vote for Obama then you’re a racist.  Or are you just stuck on Stupid?

It is time to get off the democrat plantation and run, run as fast as you can.