DNC Video: “We all belong to the government” Decoded: ‘We keep you in Chains!’

Posted on September 4, 2012 by


Democrats: We own you, your vote.

Don’t think so, we’ll just wait until your dead and take it.

What you can take from this is how the government in the eyes of the Democrats sees you. You are nothing but a potential vote and your individuality does not exist.  The Democrat AKA (Marxist) Party see itself as a Master, the Plantation Overseer.  Your a member of a “Special group”, probably a ‘victim’ because your a minority, but never an individual with unalienable rights.  Your a Democrat now. A cog in the machine.

Now come watch the auction at the 2012 Democrat National Convention.  The party of looters,  liars, moochers and murderers.  Now we have only 95% of blacks voting for Obama?  How did those others escape the Democrat Plantation we must ask?

Is your vote is up for sale?  Lets open the vote auction for the 5% that are awake, I mean uhh that escaped…….. Do I hear that a SNAP Card and a Welfare payment works for you, will that bring you back?……  going once going twice…… No?… I’ll throw in an ObamaCare waiver and you can squat at your parents house until your 26 and let them pay the Health Care Premium……. going once…. No?…. Will you take a cash 4 your clunker, a psuedo credit?… going once… going twice…..No?… Ok we can throw in a HARP2 refi for you, no interest, no money down and no closing cost, sure sure subprime even..yea THAT’S  IT!!!!  THATS THE TICKET!… and…huh?..what?..No?… I’ll throw in a case of  Obama Brand ‘PaleFace’ Stale Ale, (shhh its an Elizabeth Warren recipe, don’t tell)…… going once going twice…huh?…You want more?   I’ll throw in 1 box of free condoms because I care about your wife’s vagina, I mean… it votes too, right?, ok ok ok… free condoms for life, paid for by the Pope!  Oh no no no..No need to worry about Jesus getting upset. Besides you are a Democrat now, we don’t believe that silly old myth.?  You see. Our Obama offers us a Collective Salvation through his social justice policies where he redistributes rich peoples FAIR SHARE to his cronies and the unions. Huh? Oh sure sure, God approves, Obama says so.  Now……. going once going twice…………

Keep in mind as you filter through the bribes… these are not conservative values.  Did you get owned or do you think and act for yourself?  You have a choice in life you may either become a responsible member of society or you can join the Proletariat as a fiscal slave of the state and be a life-long Democrat.