When Capitalism is dead who will own my small business?

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“If the Owner wants to participate, we will let him”

Listen to it all but pay special close attention when you get to 4:30 seconds into this video.  You will find out just in fact who will own your small business when Capitalism is dead.

Keep in mind the whole idea behind Occupy and the Labor Unions that launder money for the democrats in its platform is  to destroy Capitalism, what little bit is left after George W. Bush’s failed TARP anyway.   Yes that is right.  Bush actually took the first real whack with an axe to the Free Markets, but he was steered those last few years by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.   Make no mistake about it.  The left wants Capitalism GONE.

The former president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689, Mike Golash, said yesterday at an Occupy DC meeting that Progressive labor is a revolutionary communist organization that’s goal is to overthrow capitalism by creating revolution.

Well let me warn you entrepreneurs out there.  If you already own a business, and I mean ANY business.  Under Obama, in the end, you lose, we all do.  You lose control, you lose potential profits, you lose the aches from potential loses you may have suffered.  But what you will lose that is going to hurt the most, it is your Free Will.  Once you have lost your free will you are exactly what they want you to be.  Just another cog in the machine, a vote grown on the Democrats Fiscal Plantation to be plucked as needed.  Complacent and happy in your assigned corner of government mandated Shared Poverty Prosperity.

For those of you that missed that little tid-bit about the “New Economic Foundation for a Shared Prosperity“. Can you give me another explanation that includes Free Markets, Capitalism and the will or self determination required to create  a successful small business.  Here  is the quote from Bill Clinton’s speech.

CLINTON: Now — but he has — he has laid the foundations for a new, modern, successful economy of shared prosperity. And if you will renew the president’s contract, you will feel it. You will feel it.
Source: www.washingtonpost.com

So what will we have Mr. Obama?  What does your change from ‘Free Markets’, Capitalism and ‘Free Will’ look like?  Do you have a plan that lets you and us, the unwitting passengers, know when we have arrived at your perceived point of fundamental change?  Obama,  you keep telling us that what we have has not been working.    Well what we have is diluted Capitalism.  You tell us we need a redistributive Shared Prosperity instead though.  What scares me right now is that this is the plan and Bill Clinton said so in his speech at the 2012 DNC.

Has anyone explained how this new economic plan of Shared Prosperity affects my business, my neighbors business, the CVS pharmacies, Radio Shack, Best Buy, Movie Cinemas, Time Magazine even the Washington Post and K-Mart stores?  What about McDonalds,  Chipotle, Taco Bell, Chik-fil-A , NBC, CNN, Ford Motor company and the Dollar Stores.  Do we get to share in their prosperity?  How do we get our share?  Who gets to decide?  How much is a “Fair Share”?  Who gets to decide?  Are the persons deciding elected or appointed?  Who gets to decide these things?

Will we still have elected representation as individuals in your Shared Prosperity? How much of the Constitution has to be changed to make this shared prosperity constitutional.  You see Mr. Obama me giving you my earned wealth is not my idea of “The pursuit of Happiness”.  What then of my future and the future of my children and grand children?

What will fund my 401k since all profits are, as I understand it, Shared Prosperity now?  Or does profit get counted after the share-holders are paid. But. But.  But, if your going to share the prosperity from all the business, why would anyone invest in any of these companies?   There would be no share-holders, and they would have no wealth to invest since it has all be previously redistributed in tax hikes admonishing success against wealthy, the Job-Creators.  Its not like they will ever be “profitable” again under your plan of Shared Prosperity?

Really, Mr. Obama.  America deserves to know exactly how all this works.  You have replaced our healthcare with Obamacare and so far that is not turning out to be the cost savings you promised.  Remember its called the “Affordable Care Act”.  Can you assure us that the “Economic Foundation for Shared Economic Prosperity” that Bill Clinton claims you have created will work as you have envisioned?  Can you share that vision with all of us?

Mr. Obama, since I will have to share my prosperity with everyone else what is my incentive to keep doing what I am doing?  You see, if the guy that takes the pictures for Playboy magazine makes the same money as the guy that cleans the toilets at “Cominskie Field” why clean the toilets, grab a camera, right?

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