Bishop E W Jackson Black Americans ‘It is time for a MASS EXODUS of the Democrat Party

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Ride The Under Ground Railroad

The Page subtitle is a reference to a gaffe of Moochelle Obama’s.  Seems the first lady thinks the Underground Railroad[1] was a real train that rode on tracks with passenger cars for escaping slaves.  I bet she also believes the patent LIE that  Barry was conceived one night under some bridge in Selma Alabama[2] as he likes to profess as the truth.  I have no respect for Moochello or Barry, they are both manipulators of the masses, serial liars.  Respect is earned and both of these unwashed, reused douche bags have earned nothing but bitter disdain from this Extremist American.

By the way an Extremist American is a person that is a citizen of the United states of America that understands this nation is a Republic, not a Democracy. And most certainly not an Oligarchy ruled by executive order and edict.  Barack Obama is a certifiable destroyer of American civil rights given by God and upheld by the Constitution of the United States

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