Obama eCards: Birth Control $18,000.00

Posted on October 4, 2012 by


Obama: Occuping the War on Tax Payers

Hey Mom send me $18,000.00 for birth control.  Having a blast at the DNC and these wild Occupy events are loaded with willing guys but hey…. turns out the Republicans don’t like me taking money from someone that actually worked for it.  Like… Oh My GOD!  Give me your FAIR SHARE DUDE! I’m like entitled and stuff! But nooooo!

Professor Ayers said its got something to do with a Constitution or some stupid law about freedom and liberty or something.  I think he said it was evil. It is about government staying out of your lives.  Can you image that mom?  I mean like OMG… life with out the government holding our poor weak hands helping our feeble democrat minds make easy decisions.  Well I am off to get two 16 oz sodas.  You know how I love the Big Gulp drinks.  Gosh mom, I cant figure out why they tell us what size cups to drink out of. Its so inconvenient to carry two 16oz cups.  Like Omg, What idiot came up with that idea?

Year supply of the sponge USING IT EVERY DAY – $4858.00 Walgreens