Obama’s Latest Iraq Foreign Policy FAIL

Posted on October 7, 2012 by


$5 billion in Arms, from Russia with Love

It seems Iraq is not happy with Obama’s terms with the post withdrawal conditions put forth in his foreign policy.  Maybe he should let NASA set his foreign polcy since it’s new mission under Obama is Muslim outreach.  You can be sure this is not the first bit  of  policy blowback concerning Iraq post withdrawal conditions we will see from the incompetent empty chair we have in the White House now.  There will be plenty more to come out of his precious Arab Spring he and the State department fomented.

Pravda.ru / Russia may join the ranks of major importers of weapons to Iraq. During the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki’s, a contract for $5 billion may be signed for the sale of MiG fighter jets, products of Russian Helicopters, anti-aircraft missile systems, armored vehicles and other weapons to the Middle Eastern country.

In Soviet times, Baghdad was one of the main buyers of the products of MIC USSR. After the war in the early 1990s, military and technical cooperation between Russia and Iraq was at a very low level. After the second US-Iraq war, Russia began supplying weapons to Iraq in larger volumes. Between 2008 and 2011 the new government in Baghdad purchased Russian weapons worth $246 million dollars. The bulk of the purchase was helicopters. In this same period, the actual deliveries of weapons and military equipment of U.S. production totaled $6.56 billion dollars, according to the director of the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade (TSAMTO) Igor Korotchenko.

This is confirmation this story is accurate.   The source is the Shafaq news agency in Iraq.

Shafaq News / An informed source revealed on Sunday, that Iraq tended to arm its army from Russia instead of America because of a number of determinants set by Washington, on the top is the concerns  of its neighbor Iran, pointing out that Moscow has shown its willingness to arm Iraq with all kinds of weapons.