North Korea can now strike America with an EMP Nuclear bomb!

Posted on October 9, 2012 by


Going Back in Time!  is reporting that North Korea is now making claims it has long range ballistic  missiles with over a 4,000 mile range.  These can impact the United States mainland, if they can get past the first 60 miles or so without blowing up.

In 2009 when North Korea was testing Nukes it was reported in a South Korea news, quoting a ‘Military Source’ wrote  that North Korea claims to have tested an EMP version of a Nuclear device.  That along with this new revelation of intercontinental Ballistic missiles is disconcerting.

Just imagine how easy the United States could be invaded by ANY foreign power if we had no electronics, no air defense, cellular communications, radar, radio even simple electricity gone.  How long could our nation survive?

Click this image to learn more about an EMP and how to prepare.