offers Jigsaw puzzle for kids of Nazi Dachau Crematorium

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Mercedes makes Ovens?

I think it is great this is being sold on Amazon.  We need to teach about the evils of the world so we do not repeat them.  It is obvious from the state of America today that this lesson has not been heeded as the last three administrations have pushed America closer and closer into an unrecognizable Oligarch government driven by Crony Capitalism, Corporatism and outright deception through government school indoctrination and the clueless media spreading the leftist propaganda.

My opinion is that school 1st – 5th grades should be at least 3 hours a day learning ‘American History’.  Teach our children what made America great.  teach the Constitution. Then we can give them snippets of world history.  But we must teach the success and the failures lest we repeat those failures.

On the website of the world’s largest US-based online retailer, one can find a toy for children (from 8 years) – a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle consists of 252 pieces. With this toy, children are encouraged to create a picture that depicts an image of Dachau crematorium ovens. European officials immediately condemned the game, which was made for sale in the United States.

Former vice president of the German Bundestag, a CSU deputy, Gerda Hasselfeldt, urged Amazon to remove the game, which contained a photo of the Nazi concentration camp crematorium at Dachau. German magazine Spiegel quoted a letter, which the official wrote to the CEO of the online store, Jeff Bezos: “For the survivors of the concentration camp and for the relatives of the victims, this is a blow in the face. The memorial of Dachau concentration camp is a reminder of the sufferings of countless people. Selling such toys can not be in the interest of Amazon.”

I think the problem here is that the Germans and Europeans are frankly just embarrassed that this continues to be seen. For them it is a matter of shame.  The concentration camps were real and they failed to stop it.  We cannot allow this history to be buried or erased by Political Correctness.  Damn their feelings.  This is history and even right now we are living with a Federal Reserve that is creating and American version Wiemar Republic. Its called History folks.  Learn it or relive it.