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Time to pick a cell mate buddy. These Leftist Liars and cheaters MUST be held accountable!

Nice Deb

Jim Moran’s son, Pat,  the field director for his campaign is the subject of the latest O’Keefe sting operation on voter fraud. This one proves once and for all, that voter fraud is real – Democrats know it’s real – and Democrats are happy to help it along, whenever possible.  Pat was caught on tape giving the reporter ideas on how to get away with voting 100 times in northern Virginia, and was 100%  supportive of the effort.

Transcript from the video:

Reporter:   Do you know two people … Can you give me two names to help us with that?  Two names of people who are fervent, who maybe I can trust? 

Moran:   I don’t know.  It’s going to be tough.  It’s going to be tough with the … you got to stuff that card. 

Reporter:   Okay. He actually double voted in 2008 and got away with it. 

Moran:   Did…

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