‘Collateral’ Damage: US Navy ROCKED as China Seizes Aircraft Carrier CVN-77 Fearing Looming US Default.

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 China:  ‘Americas already gone over it’s fiscal cliff’

China’s Communist government  under the leadership of  its new president Xi Jinping has taken a brazen move to secure its US Treasury loans in advance of what it foresees as “America’s inevitable economic collapse”. 

In what was described by one sailor who could not fight back due to the “unloaded weapons carry rules” said it was an overtly Militant Style boarding and subsequent seizure of the USS George W Bush Air Craft Carrier, one of America’s most prized military assets. Not so much anymore!  The Chinese government now has possession of  this US ‘collateral’.  The sailor interviewed about the carriers seizure also reported the Chinese soldiers actually had bullets in their guns!  

In what is being described by world economist as a ‘shocking new trend in international finance, debt and collections’ the United States is the second to get “Lizard Licked”  in a world that is already teetering over an economic abyss.    This is not the first seizure of an asset that supposedly belongs to a sovereign nation. WAIT… WHAT? 

Ok.  So everything you have read is a twisted nightmare we hope never plays out, almost.

That’s right,  it is not all a story. This scenario is based in fact and would not be a precedent setting event if it did happen to occur, again.  Not only would it not be the first international seizure from a foreign government that is in default of a legitimate debt, the seizure was approved by the world court!  Check out this article from Business insider and then check out what our debt looks like now.   Still think everything is going to be okay?  We have an international apologist, Carl Marx socialist for a president that has already given Iran one of our drones.

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And don’t think for one minute that China is intimidated by our Navy.   All I have to say to those that voted for Obama is you better pray he knows what he is doing because Americans loyal to the US Constitution will not stand for losing the  country to “repossession” and you will most likely bear the blunt of that furry.