Agenda21 takes Atlanta Georgia, Rockdale county harbors “The Mark of The Beast”

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The Mark of the Beast

Agenda21 ‘Bike Path Right of Ways’

Agenda21: overturning America’s National Sovereignty and revoking its citizens personal and private property rights. 

The removal of ALL personal property rights and the implementation of Bike-trails and Green Space are the avenues these ill informed fascist morons will use to bring about the reign of the 21st century robber barrons to bear on us all. Basically the Agenda21 is a scripted plan for the usurpation of the American Constitution at the local level of government. Bike Paths? Yes you will soon see these bike paths and reclaimed parking  supersede what used to be parking for your fossil fuel co2 emitting self indulged mode of transportation. If you can’t park it anywhere may as well not own it, right?

Provide parking at city/county facilities for alternative vehicles such as Zip Car,scooters, bicycles, carpools and electric vehicles (including re-charging spaces).  source: Page 14  These now ‘volunteer’ sustainable parking spaces will become mandated parking spaces at the expense of traditional parking.

Biking and walking are sustainable, healthy and inexpensive means of making short trips including accessing transit, and yet most of the Atlanta Region’s short trips are made by motor vehicle. By developing a Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan, a local government can identify barriers to biking and walking, prioritize investments, and identify ways to promote and encourage this alternative method of transportation.  Additionally, this objective helps to implement the 2007 Atlanta Region Bicycle Transportation and Pedestrian Walkways Plan, which calls for emphasizing bicycle and pedestrian planning at the local level. Page 29

If you don’t like the Constitution, fine lets have that argument and change what needs to be changed through the process set forth in the Constitution called the amendment process. But this is not that method these eco-fascist are taking.

Plan 2040

Agenda21 is in fact a loose form of localized bottom up produced global tyranny, “Green Fascism”. It is in it’s pretty wrapping paper something we all think we want, sustainability, conservation of resources, etc but the engine to keep it going requires that you become nothing more than another cog in the machine. You’re no longer an individual under Aganda21.  Atlanta is really being hammered with Agenda21 but Rockdale county Georgia is under early an assault and the perpetrates are not even aware they are playing the sheet music in the Angenda21 playbook.  Conyers already bears the mark of the Agenda21 Beast, the foreboding  international symbol for ‘Bike Right of Way’.

The Star Community Index is being developed by ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA (ICLEI USA) with help from the U.S. Green Building Council, National League of Cities and the Center for American Progress. ICLEI USA will work with the city as well as Sustainable Atlanta to measure, report and evaluate Atlanta’s sustainability progress.

So how will they take private property form the citizens?  Well you need a few things to be in place first.  A massive recession, high unemployment,  a floundering housing market and QE3. QE3, AKA  QEternity is where the Federal Reserve is buying of toxic assets with money THEY printed out of thin air thus loading the banks with literally interest free money fresh off the printing presses from the Federal Reserve at the tune of $80 billion a month for an unlimited amount of time.  QE or Quantitative Easing is actually a form of economic terrorism in that it is a direct and deliberate devaluation of the US Dollar.   Now you have a public trapped in a collapsing market that cant afford to pay the taxes on a vast swath of land, so 100 or 200 acres.  The county applies a tax lien on the property, the owner defaults and the Land Bank Authority takes over the foreclosed land.  Think I am kidding?

Page 17 and 18

EXC3.A: So why do we need to “Mitigate the effects of Property taxes on Transit-enabled” areas?  This seems to be describing a new Land Owner property tax policy that is very punitive and known to be coming down the pike in Obama’s second term.  It is specifically designed to push those citizens still living in the outlying suburban areas back into the cities by literally taxing them off of their property.  The land eventually becomes foreclosed and becomes the possession of ‘The Land Bank Authority’.  Keep in mind these properties in many cases have no bank liens on them and many are considered paid for.  The deed is held by the property owner and the only means of losing it is through a tax lien.

EXC3.EThe Land Bank Authority already exist in Fulton county and is self described as a public authority created to efficiently hold, manage and develop tax-foreclosed property.

EXC3.F: This land taken in the inner cities could be used for “Workforce Housing” or low cost housing.  This is the same “micro housing” New York’s Mayor Bloomberg rallied for.  The land taken in the suburban areas would be turned back to Green Space off limits to humans.

This video simply highlights how far out these paths are being placed.  These markings run from downtown Conyers right out to the Rockdale Medical Center. Several miles.  And this is just the first step of this part of the take over.

Page 2 CLUPTrans.pdf

This site has a bit more on the Atlanta area projects now called under Plan 2040.  Shown in the above pdf as Mobility 2030.

Page 5 CLUPTrans.pdf

Agenda21 is already here in a big way.  It starts out small with some frivolous bike path right of ways but before you know it, you cant park a car within a mile of your own store.  Nor can any potential customers for that matter.  Agenda21 has had a long time to get entrenched in our system and it is already a working machine that no one has been looking for.  It must be further exposed for what it really is and dismantled before it tears any further into our culture.  Agenda21 is UN-American and UN-Constitutional.