Belgium Germany: Municipal Government is Adopting Sharia Law.

Posted on December 6, 2012 by


Wake up America!

Brussels has sworn in two municipal officials from a new Islamic party who want to implement Sharia law.

A YouTube video shows one of the men, Redouane Ahrouch, taking the oath of office in Brussels, followed by a protestor pointing out Ahrouch’s plans to turn Belgium into an Islamic state.

The critic disrupted the ceremony, shouting that Ahrouch will undermine democracy with his plans to implement Islamic law.

Ahrouch has admitted he’s taking a gradual approach, saying it may take decades to enforce Sharia. But he said the process has now begun.

The Gatestone Institute reports Ahrouch created a 40-point program in the past, including teenage marriage and redesigning the Belgian judiciary to comply with Islam.

Muslims now make up one quarter of the population of Brussels.