Graphic Video of Syrian Rebels Using Children to Behead Civilians

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Peaceful Islam
December 09, 2012 23:12 readings 8734

Homs, the truth (special): I got the “truth” of what can be described without hesitation that the most egregious tape brutal and not since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, but also in the history of similar crimes as a whole. The tape terrible (published below) shows gangs “Free Army” of the so-called criminals “for the Khalid ibn al-Walid Brigade” in Homs They use children to behead kidnapped machetes military butchers after putting their necks on the stone of the building stones (Blukh). VIDEO HERE >> The origianal video was removed from Youtube.  I have my own media server so here it is.  Note that it is Graphic and that is why youtube claims they removed it.

To download the video, RIGHT CLICK HERE and select “Save File As” menu item.

Tape, and also enables a Friends “truth” to adjust his companions delicto, published Sunday on a page called “Gazette electronic brigade Khalid bin Walid” led by Colonel air mouse offender Qasim Saad Eddin, but they were then Hzvoh from the site after that enables Our friend from filming page! (see image directly below the tape).

Although we got him since the evening of the day but we did not broaden it by making sure of where the crime was committed, but all I knew is that they got the day Sunday on the road to Homs Rastan paneling where gangs are active “brigade” mentioned.

“The truth,” cautions to tighten not to watch the tape of by those not familiar with the most brutal scenes bloody and barbaric.

(*) Note: Since we published the tape on our own channel in the network “Dailymotion” French, have been reported by the “National Coalition of the Revolution and the opposition” many times that has been deleted. Has put him on network Guenna “YouTube”, which also began to receive requests from the same side to delete it. They want to cover up their crimes and cover them up Balawnth and terrorism and the use of influence like any gang. So Aajloa store if you are interested to keep it.