Photo Shows Obama Participating In Extremely Risky Behavior.

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“Obama Taunts Broken Neck Beach”


This photo appeared on on December 22nd 2012.  I generally would have nothing to say about this but for some reason it stood out this time.  I guess because I have been blindsided with idiotic fact-less drivel from the left all week about “Assault Weapons” and a culture of perceived gun violence since the shooting at Newtown to0k place.

Well here you go.  Short and sweet.  You are more likely to die from a broken neck body surfing  than you are to get caught up in a mass shooting involving ‘assault weapons’, what ever those are.    This photograph of Obama was taken at Sandy Beach Oahu Hawaii and the White House’s own activity schedule confirms this as the location.

Oahu Coastlines have as a claim to fame some pretty  fierce rip currents and nice place to learn how to die body surfing called Sandy Beach Park.

I’ll start by saying that Sandy’s beach is not a good place for swimming, or even getting in the water unless you know what you are doing.  It’s the black diamond of body surfing.   Sandy’s is well known by the locals as ‘broken neck beach’ due to the high number of injuries that happen in the waves.  If you enjoy tailgating parties, lots of sexy skin, beer drinking, kite flying, and watching the experts crash around in big waves, take some time to visit Sandy’s and bring a camera.

So what is my point of this post if you have not yet figured it out?  We pay millions of dollars annually for the Obama’s travel and security details. You know, keeping the president safe.  Yet here he is pictured taking part in an activity that could indeed render him less mobile than Arugula. Somehow for me this flies in the face of logic.   I have heard that some actors are not allowed to participate in certain activities due to safety concerns.  It is actually stipulated in thier contracts.  Yet our president loot’s the treasury to pay for security that cannot prevent him from being an idiot and risking his own life while acting like a child.

* A 37-year-old Pennsylvania man died July 30 after he was knocked over by a four-foot wave and suffered multiple neck injuries while bodysurfing near Alvarado Street in Newport Beach.

* A 49-year-old Norco man broke his neck and died July 25 while bodysurfing at Huntington State Beach. Lifeguards said three- to five-foot waves swept him off his feet and slammed him head-first into the ocean floor.

* A 21-year-old Anaheim man drowned off Laguna Beach July 19 when a five- to six-foot wave crashed over him. Because he was in an unguarded area, beach officials couldn’t determine whether he was bodysurfing or swimming.

1993: Marine safety experts classify the recent deaths as a cluster of isolated accidents. They say the waves are no more dangerous this summer than they have been in recent years.

A basic search on Google for Body Surfing Death yields 1,680,000 results.

One last observation that probably means nothing. Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, and now Sandy Beach, Just an observation folks.  Next week we will cover Economics for the mathematically challenged, the story of progressives

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