Ann Barnhardt: The Economy is Going to Implode.

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The Economic Presentation in 8 Parts

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – November 9, AD 2012 9:23 AM MST
Here it is. Here is the link to the workbook in PDF.
Part One Topics:
Systemic Counterparty Risk
Money is a Fungible Proxy for Your Very Humanity
All Currencies are Fiat
The Gold Standard is Not Necessary

Part Two Topics:
The Gold Standard is Not Necessary Continued
WE Are the Gold
The Morality and Economically Essential Nature of Interest
The Real Problem in Banking System: Unbacked Unsecured Lending
Bank Balance Sheet Exercise
Part Three Topics:
Sample Bank Balance Sheet Continued
The Lie of FDIC Deposit Insurance

Part Four Topics:
One Dollar of Capital Banking Paradigm
Denninger Axiom & Chart — Debt and GDP Change since 1980
The Debt Cycle — A Snake Eating Its Tail
Intelligent People Must Reassert Themselves as the Leaders of Society
The Rule of Law and Justice Must Be Reasserted

Part Five Topics:
Wealth Transfer: European Context
Wealth Transfer: U.S. Context
The Bribing Set-up of the Underclass by the Regime in
Preparation for Mass Slaughter
Secession Dynamics
Credit Default Swaps

Part Six Topics:
Credit Default Swaps Continued
Repos and Reverse Repos
Why are These Exotic Products Being Traded So Widely?
Review of 90 Day T-Bill Rates 2007-2012

Part Seven Topics:
WHO is doing these exotic and risky derivatives?
Review of top banks’ assets versus derivatives exposure
High Frequency Trading Scope & Solution
U.S. Government Unfunded Liabilities
The destructive nature of non-catastrophic insurance
Lies from Politicians

Part Eight Topics:
More Lies From Lying Politicians
The Impossibility of Financial Planning Products and “Returns”
Why Inflating Debt Away is Impossible
The New Financial Objective: Holding Wealth Together and Minimizing LOSSES
There is Nowhere to Run
The Need to Position Into Physical Commodities
Quo Vadis? Where Are You Going?

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