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Gun Inconsistencies in Sandy Hook School Mass Shooting

December 22, 2012 by


Can you explain this? They are coming for the guns. Updated: Eric Erickson tries to explain: But we still have a report of 4 handguns being reported.  No  one has tried to shed any further light on this.  Nor has anyone stated who the man was handcuffed on the ground at the Fire Station.  […]

Photo Shows Obama Participating In Extremely Risky Behavior.

December 22, 2012 by


“Obama Taunts Broken Neck Beach” This photo appeared on on December 22nd 2012.  I generally would have nothing to say about this but for some reason it stood out this time.  I guess because I have been blindsided with idiotic fact-less drivel from the left all week about “Assault Weapons” and a culture of […]

December 21, 2012 by


Outreach with our tax dollars and then turn around and blame the republicans for not providing financing for extra security in Benghazi. They were setup and murdered in Benghazi and no one will be held accountable. No one!

Toydoctrination: Toys Teaching Children Fascism is Good.

December 20, 2012 by


What is this in your underwear? My wife was reading some post on Facebook when she came across one from a friend about a toy made by a company called PlayMobil.  The company is a German based toy producer and they have rolled out a few very scary items.  Welcome to 1984, the pre-school edition. […]

Premeditated Mass Murders Stopped by Armed Citizens

December 17, 2012 by


If they lie should they die? There are several documented cases where armed citizens have stopped mass attacks by gunmen. But do you hear about them?  Are they reported in the main stream news media?  Keep in mind that today’s alleged journalist  influence and shape hundreds of thousands of opinions with their ‘ own opinions’.   […]

Was Newton a False Flag? Videos: 2 Mass Shootings now Connected To Libor Scandal!

December 16, 2012 by


I Smell a False Flag! Oh…. you don’t think our government would kill a few innocent people for political gain?  The same government that sent arms into Mexico that killed over 400 people?  The same government that is arming al qaeda in Syria.  The same government that called for a stand down and let 4 […]


December 14, 2012 by


Shooting at Connecticut Elementary School

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