#Benghazi: Obama disses the Press “I don’t need you lapdogs anymore”!

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The Used Up Press Balks

They never saw it coming.  The Lame Stream Media has played right into the Communist Progressive playbook’s final chapter.  These ‘Useful Idiots’ did the bidding of Dear Leader whilst the bloggosphere cried out for real journalism.  Now we see his appreciation.  You must be silenced before you seek out the truth that you have helped hide from the public for so many years.  Your vetting is now pointless.  Your attempted persecution of  POTUS will only bring more wrath and rejection.

SharylAttkisson 4:41pm via web  The Obama Admin has indicated it will not be answering Benghazi questions we’ve been asking since Oct. I will list some of them.

SharylAttkisson 4:43pm via web  What time was Ambassador’s Stevens’ body recovered, what are the known details surrounding his disappearance and death…

SharylAttkisson 4:43pm via web. ..including where he/his body was taken/found/transported and by whom?

SharylAttkisson 4:44pm via web Who made the decision not to convene the Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG) the night of the Benghazi attacks?

SharylAttkisson 4:44pm via web We understand that convening the CSG a protocol under Presidential directive (“NSPD-46”). Is that true? If not, please explain…

SharylAttkisson 4:45pm via web  … if so, why was the protocol not followed?

SharylAttkisson 4:45pm via web  Is the Administration revising the applicable Presidential directive? If so, please explain.

SharylAttkisson 4:54pm via web Who is the highest-ranking official who was aware of pre-911 security requests from US personnel in Libya?

SharylAttkisson 4:54pm via web Who is/are the official(s) responsible for removing reference to al-Qaeda from the original CIA notes?

SharylAttkisson 4:55pm via web Was the President aware of Gen. Petraeus’ potential problems prior to Thurs., Nov. 8, 2012?

SharylAttkisson 4:55pm via web And What was the earliest that any White House official was aware? Please provide details

SharylAttkisson 4:57pm via web What is your response to the President stating that on Sept. 12, he called 911 a terrorist attack, in light of his CBS interview…

SharylAttkisson 4:57pm via web …on that date in which he answered that it was too early to know whether it was a terrorist attack?

SharylAttkisson 4:58pm via web  The Administration has stated there were no resources outside Libya that could arrive in Benghazi/N. Africa within 8 hrs on Sept. 11, 2012.

SharylAttkisson 4:58pm via web.  Why wouldn’t there be and who would have made that decision to leave the area so open on the anniversary of 9/11?

SharylAttkisson 4:58pm via web  And Does this mean that the Administration would have used them if available?

SharylAttkisson 4:59pm via web  Is anyone being held accountable for having no resources close enough to reach this high-threat area within 8+ hours on Sept. 11..