HF 241: Minnesota’s Gun Confiscation Law is a Federal Lawsuit waiting to be heard.

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No Violations of the Bill of Rights Here?


Registration of assault weapons. (a) A person who legally owned or
9.15 possessed an assault weapon before February 1, 2013, and who desires to keep ownership
9.16 or possession of the weapon shall comply with the following requirements:
9.17 (1) submit to a background check conducted by the chief of police of the
9.18 municipality in which the person resides, or if there is no police department the sheriff
9.19 of the county in which the person resides, to confirm the person is not prohibited from
9.20 possessing a firearm under state or federal law; and
9.21 (2) unless the person is currently prohibited by law from possessing a firearm,
9.22 immediately register the weapon with the appropriate law enforcement agency.
9.23 (b) A person described in paragraph (a) shall comply with all of the following:
9.24 (1) safely and securely store the assault weapon pursuant to the regulations adopted
9.25 by the appropriate law enforcement agency;
9.26 (2) agree to allow the agency to inspect the storage of the weapon to ensure
9.27 compliance with this subdivision;
9.28 (3) annually renew the registration, subject to the completion of a new background
9.29 check;

So you give up your 2nd amendment rights and your 4th amendment rights.  Your name goes on a list of gun owners, as if being a gun owner is a bad thing.  It is not but it will not be used to do good.  That is proven time ad time again in history.

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