Cell Towers in City Shut Down After Boston Marathon Bombing. — Here is how they did it.

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SOP303 Unconstitutional & Engaged


No such request yet I clearly heard over the Boston Fire Departments on Radio server the order AS IT WAS being issued shown above this screen cap as I heard this information I retweeted it.  I was not alone in hearing this same order as it was issued.

Did you know the government has a secret emergency protocol for initiating citywide shutdowns of cell phone networks? It’s called Standard Operating Procedure or “SOP” 303, and as CDT and its allies explained in a filing to the FCC yesterday (May 30, 2012), it’s flatly unconstitutional.

The details of SOP 303 are secret. We literally have one paragraph of description in one government report to go on. But even based on that description it’s clear …….. keep reading here

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