Amanda Berry Kidnap House Flag and other Photo Anomalies

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Can you explain the flags changing nationality?

The article opens with a pictures of the three girls that have been rescued after ten years in captivity, Amanda Berry, 26, Gina DeJesus, 23, and Michele Knight, 32.  The next photo is of the house about the forth in the series of photos.  The picture I see on my laptop is a Google trademarked image shown here. Also notice this is a Puerto Rican flag flying on the front porch.  You can clearly tell it has the three red and two white stripes coming from the distinctive blue triangle at its post. I also find it odd all the broken power and phone lines in the image.  Photoshopped?


But the picture being displayed on the iPad is this one shown here with the Sheriffs vehicles parked out front and has a Splash trademarkBroken_Wires2

The flag in this picture seen on the iPad displays shows the flag but it appears to be the American flag.  Note it is still day-light.  So it seems the flags have been swapped at this point and this is where it gets weird.  The next two images are Getty Images trademarked and taken after these images already shown above were taken.

In this first Getty Image I am going to show the flag being flown on the front porch is clearly an American flag.  I noted above that the flag from image 1 had been changed as shown above in image 2 with the sheriffs vehicles.


Ok now I have no doubt that is an American flag flying in the photo show above. It has also gotten dark.  Notice the 3 nail holes on the side of the column the flag is mounted to next to the roof line.  also notice the chipped paint just above the rail on the column further down the porch.  Also notice leaning next to the door is a bed-rail. I just want to make sure we all are looking at the same porch in this next picture, also from Getty Images.gettyimage2

That is the same porch same front door same three nail holes, bed-rail leaning by door and the same chipped paint but the flag is back to the original Puerto Rican flag as shown in the first image before the sheriffs vehicles and barricades where there.

So what is going on with this morphing flag?  Full story here

You can see the story I discuss in the video on the iPad here.  It is the story that has the photo of the house with the Sheriffs vehicles.   The second photo in this post.

UPDATED: While digging into this a bit further I was able to locate more info that may dispel as two readers have already stated that two flag on same pole is what we are seeing.  I personally cannot see it.  But that being said I found one article that mentions both flags.  I also found one that only mentions the Peurto Rican flag.  However I will have tro default to the story mentioning both and concede that two flags may in fact be on the one pole.





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