Another Coverup @WhiteHouse as Twitter Deletes Reply Tweets

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Where did all those Replies go?

See my update below this original post about how @BarackObama is also not selectivly removing replies it does not like.

I have added @WhiteHouse to a list I created on Twitter of those that are most likely to appear as either heroes or zeros in Michelle Malkins hit blog  Today @Whitehouse tweeted this little nugget of Twitchy Gold and then proceeded to remove all the comments.  None of which were flattering to the Obama Administration or its scandals.

3 screen shots upcoming in order of age.

1) This is a reply to the @WhiteHouse post taken from my @Hootsuite twitter tool. Note the time stamp of 9:44 am


2) This screen shot is of me asking where all the replies went too that used to be posted under the original tweet.  Note the number of re-tweets at this point is now 139.  This is key since the time-stamp reflects when the tweet originated form the @WhiteHouse account.


3) This last screen shot was taken AFTER the one above showing that the number of re-tweets has increased so time has moved forward and as you can see.  NO REPLIES are showing up.  I confirmed this finding from a a remote server on another network to confirm that I was not the only person NOT seeing WHAT WAS there.


UPDATE: @BarackObama is also now SELECTIVELY deleting replies.  I made it a point to go to the actual twitter account page to reply to this tweet. My tweet that I failed to screen grab FROM THAT PAGE was just below the Gay post. the other two post Now #2 and #3 did not yet exist.

Some members of Congress are still trying to put politics between a woman and her doctor. Say you won’t stand for it:

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) June 19, 2013

Within 10 min my reply shown below was removed from the replies.


Here is the current status of that tweet.  You will notice my tweet is mysteriously missing.  For the ensuing updates on this update you will need to note the number of retweets, 367  to compare to the next screen shot of this tweet.


UPDATE: Ok folks.. the conspiracy continues.  Moments after saving this update I was starting to close tabs in my #NSA Chrome Browser.  I thought for kicks I would reload the page of the @BarackObama tweet and low and behold…. all the replies have been removed.  Note the number of retweets since last screen shot of 367 is now 430.  But all the replies have now been removed.


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