Still Time to Stop Al Jazeera America?

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Stopping AlGore Zero is like Burning books….. But like Lenin said sometimes you have to break a few eggs. Well if eggs have to be broken better it be theirs than ours. They will certainly use theirs to destroy ours. So BURN THAT BOOK before it burns you!

Creeping Sharia

But only if citizens demand those elected and paid to protect them do their job.

The House Homeland Security Committee can be contacted at (202) 226-8417

via Still Time to Stop Al Jazeera America.

Al Jazeera is under scrutiny for subversion in Egypt, and facing a mutiny from its own reporters over supporting the Muslim Brotherhood there. But The Washington Post assures us in a story that the channel’s official launch in the United States is on August 20, and its coverage, will be different.

Philip Seib, author of The Al Jazeera Effect, is quoted as saying, “I don’t think you’ll see al-Jazeera America touting the Muslim Brotherhood. It will be more like CNN.”

But the foreign owners in Qatar will remain the same, and that is part of the problem. Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey has said that Al Jazeera’s purchase of Al Gore’s Current TV should…

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