ObamaCare Hacked? 1.5% of Total Traffic to HealthCare.gov Comes From India

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Who is Visiting HealthCare.gov?

I have been in the webhosting industry for about 21 years. I use Alexa to help determine a clients trends and how we may better  support the infrastructure required to drive their apps.  What I can tell you about the HealthCare.gov website traffic is somewhat troubling to someone accustomed to looking at these types of data.

So here is where things  look strange and it would be nice if the media followed up on this “India Traffic”. Yes that is right we have just at 1.5% of HealthCare.gov traffic coming from IP addresses based in India.  No, not Indiana. INDIA!  Those are either hackers or web site work has been jobbed out by CGI Federal to their cheaper labor pools located in offices they maintain in India.  So are the offices in India still working on the site?

Do these CGI employees, located in a foreign country have access to the code that has access to the legacy databases that contain the private data required to assume the identity of an American?  Well? If this where BushCare would you give a shit then?

Talk about a security issue.  I don’t care if Hadji signed a nondisclosure  statement.  He is in another country and cannot be actually held accountable under US Law!  THIS IS NOT SAFE.  THIS IS NOT SECURE! As a matter of fact it could even pose a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT!

CGI Group has 72,000 employees in 400 offices worldwide — many of them in India — and 11,000 in the United States, with D.C.-area locations in Fairfax, Manassas, Washington, and Baltimore.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/...

Another 1.2% of the traffic is from Canada where the home office of CGI Federal are located and another 0.7% of traffic is from Mexico. That is very interesting considering the Spanish version is not even ready yet and then you add the looming Democrat Mass Latino Voter Drive Legislation the democrats are pushing also known as Immigration Reform.

Country Percent of Visitors Rank in Country
United States Flag  United States 89.7% 562
India Flag  India 1.5% 25,465
Canada Flag  Canada 1.2% 6,277
Mexico Flag  Mexico 0.7% 11,526
United Kingdom Flag  United Kingdom 0.7% 18,150

HealthCare.gov comes in at 562nd most popular site in the United States rankings yet unadvertised sites like cheezburger.com come in ranked even higher at 453rd most popular US Site. Google ranked number 1 and Facebook at number 2 ranking.

The Bounce Rate: 21.20%  that is the percentage of people that go to the website, see the main page load and then go to DrudgeReport.com to find out if its been hacked yet and if so, by who.  The 21.20% bounce rate is  to down from 38.00% from last month.  Keep in mind that most website host advertise with a money back guarantee that they offer a 99.999% uptime.  Healthcare.gov… no such refund exist.

Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 7.04 This number indicates that the average user is actually taking time to glance over some of the content on the site, but not very much time.  On average, less than a minute per page and seven pages does not exactly get one through the signup process with a completed application.  Not by a long shot.  However this number of unique page views is up 53.00% from 3.05 page views per visitor.

Daily Time on Site: 6:16 The average user spent a little more than 6 minutes on the website.  This is not nearly enough time to signup for an account or even get past the instructions or disclaimers. The time spent on the site is however up 54.00% from 3:00

So tell use Benghazi Jay why so much traffic from India?

h/t  Jim / CuttingEdge.org