Operation American Spring May 16th 2014

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Operation American Spring – U.S. Military & Intelligence Officials Requesting Patriots Help To Remove Criminals In Govt

Jan 8, 2014 (UPDATED) – An actual Military & Intelligence sponsored restoration of the American Republic has already quietly begun. Get informed, get prepared, get involved. This is not a rumor, this is not another protest, there will be no petitions. This is the beginning of a very real, carefully coordinated, and constitutionally lawful reclamation of the government of the Republic, and takedown of known criminals.

These Patriot Leaders are requesting EVERYONE’S help to make these TAKEDOWN “public information releases” viral. They are counting on We the People to help them help us all! It’s finally Paul Revere time! It’s time to bring everyone’s attention to this historic development.

12-2-13 Ex-CIA Asset, Dr. Jim Garrow – “Coup In U.S. Very Close”

Obama’s failed October 2013 nuclear EMP attack against the U.S.


Obama’s identity is known to be a fraud by Senior Military & Intelligence


Andrew Breitbart, Tom Clancy, and Michael Hastings were working together to expose Obama

Should behind-the-scenes actions (already in progress) not reach their conclusion in the next few months – Operation American Spring, May 16th, will be a “last resort” public showdown, in the spirit of Egypt’s successful Arab Spring removal of their corrupt government.

Operation American Spring, May 16th, will be a permanent military/civilian occupation of Wash DC until all the criminals are removed – organized by Col Harry Riley, Maj Gen Paul Vallely, Ex-CIA Jim Garrow, and many others.


Ongoing “public information release” segments will continue to be hosted here:


Top documentaries about the Global Government /New World Order agenda can be found here:
(If you’re new to this information, please start by watching and sharing “Welcome to the New World Order”)


View amazingly detailed Global Government “Blueprints” here:

About Maj Gen Paul E Vallely




About Col Harry Riley



About Dr Jim Garrow, Ex-CIA Asset, 2009 Nobel Prize Nominee

Dr. Garrow has been designated as a primary “information release” outlet for these now public, developing events. He is being allowed to provide coordinated “public information releases” via multiple grass roots, alternative radio interviews.


In early 2013, Garrow was allowed to go public about his 45-year history of working in deep cover for the CIA, as he was asked by one of America’s highest ranking Generals to publicly blow the whistle on the White House administration’s secret “Litmus Test” purge of senior military officials who would not agree to fire on American civilians during expected civil unrest.

Nov 21, 2013 List of purged Military Leadership


Jan 5, 2014 Ex-CIA Garrow – Military Purge Has Backfired


Since that time, Garrow has been working closely with ousted Senior Military Leaders and several other resources in high-level efforts to reinstate the original Constitutional Republic of the United States, to remove the current corrupt leadership and institutions, and to permanently cease the increasingly aggressive and illegal moves against the American people.

Garrow is the author of The Pink Pagoda: One Man’s Quest to End Gendercide in China. He has spent over $25 million over the past sixteen years rescuing an estimated 40,000 baby Chinese girls from near-certain death under China’s one-child-per-couple policy by facilitating international adoptions. He is the founder and executive director of the Bethune Institute’s Pink Pagoda schools, private English-immersion schools for Chinese children. Today he runs 168 schools with nearly 6,300 employees.

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