Kaseem Reed’s Open Arms, Open Borders Endangers Atlanta Inner City Black Youth

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MS-13, Kaseem Reid Welcomes You!

Atlanta Mayor Kaseem Reed has decided to open Atlanta Georgia up as an Illegal Alien Sanctuary City. A Federal Dumping ground for unaccompanied illegal alien youths,  and only God knows what or who else they are bringing in with them.

Kaseem Reed said “the city should be a safe place for unaccompanied children who cross the U.S. border”.

Well look at what the Democrat Mayor has also invited into Atlanta area with his “Sanctuary City Declarations”.    It is already known that MS-13 Gang members are part of this invasion force and Drug Cartels are taking advantage to ship in large amounts of drugs and human trafficking is on the rise! And here is a copy of a weekly border report http://public.media.foxnews.com/20140730151121_2.pdf that should have you calling the mayors office and asking him what the hell is he thinking

This report is a one week sampling of only what is being caught in drugs, fugitives, sex traffickers, Meth amphetamine trafficking weapons and much more.  Just think about what gets through.  And now with the blessings of the Mayor and I am sure the Atlanta city PD taking orders from the Mayor will be ordered to stand down on arresting the new Brown People.  They are a special class now, they can fly with out ID so the TSA must let them board airplanes with nothing more than a printed paper showing a date they are supposed to show up in immigration court.  Court dates being issued now are starting in late 2017.


August 12, 2014

Immigrant children ‘swarm’ Atlanta-area school registration center

These undocumented alien youth tresspassors  are the new democrat hailed “victim class” and will take many many jobs that black youths in Atlanta have now. All because Kasim’s buddy Obama plans to grant work permits to all 11 million work aged Illegal Aliens across America.  Those jobs held by inner city black youths will evaporate and be filled by a different Brown People.  Ones that for some reason get “preferential treatment” over the citizens brown, black and even white.  Hmm.. you remember those MS-13 gang members reportedly coming over the border?  They are always looking for more recruits.  The higher the unemployment rate is the more likely those unemployed youths are to join a gang.

To back this all up, over 4 years ago Atlanta’s WSB TV did a report on border security and how it effects Atlanta and National Security.  And now the Mayor is going to accelerate the problem by issuing orders that will likely prevent Atlanta and local authorities from detaining Illegal Aliens.

The Mayor while trying to act all  presidential for non English speaking  foreigners and pandering to Laraza threatens the safety of the legal US citizens of Atlanta and surrounding communities with his unlawful unilateral decision to ignore the laws.  He also discriminates against the black youths in Atlanta that are just trying to help the family get by or earn money to go to school.

Make no mistake about it.  Kasim Reid is all about Kasim Reid and not the citizens of Atlanta Georgia. This slap in the face to the young blacks in Atlanta is just one of many things that harm citizens because of Reid’s Progressive Radical Anti Constitution, Anti-Legal Immigration Policy.

As of October 2013, the unemployment rate for this demographic, black youths, was 36.0 percent, an increase over last month’s rate of 35.1 percent. The national unemployment rate currently stands at 7.3 percent.  http://cnsnews.com/news/article/ali-meyer/unemployment-among-black-youth-393-higher-national-rate

What is going on at America’s southern border is an act of war.  Those that assist with transporting and housing the hundreds of thousands of members of this Obama Dream Act Executive  Order encouraged Laraza supported and encouraged human attack wave will be known by history as the Alinskyites! They were the American terrorist that helped bring this great nation to its knees by purposefully putting such a strain on the social systems of government that it collapsed.  This was a tactic taught by Cloward and Piven and it is being used at the southern border right now  and with a little ‘Mob Influence it’s subversive destructive tactics are  ramped  by the deceased leader of this anti-American cult movement, Saul Alinsky.

And I can assure you, that Alinskyites are NOT Tea Party members.

So take a stand citizens of Atlanta.  Are you going to invite these unknowns in to take the jobs from black youths in Atlanta?  Do you care that the Mayor is acting alone?  Acting against the best interest of the citizens of this great city as he put his national political carrier ahead of his constituents?  Kasim Reid along with Hank Johnson are in fact supporting a defacto OPEN BORDERS policy that undermines the sovereignty and safety of not only US citizens but will take the life Americans have lived for decades and it will be washed away in political greed.

Best wake up before its too late!