In The Shadow Of Fergusons Riots An Army Document Advocates Snipping Of Unarmed Citizens

Posted on August 19, 2014 by


Don’t Snipe Me Bro!

Details of a US Army document released in recent days for the General Public has some disturbing technics being outlined for “Crowd Control”.  Keep in mind this is for use against “Unarmed Citizens” participating in a demonstrations.  And in light of the escalation of the Mike Brown Riots and looting going on in Ferguson Mo this  should make your hair stand on end!

In this document if you do a text search for “Sniper Response” it will take you to the screen grab shown below.  Notice the columns Crowd Control > Unarmed Civilians / Lethal Response > Sniper Response > Ensure that  target leaders or troublemakers are targeted. Chapter 2 page 10

bandicam 2014-08-19 15-46-33-942Yes they have decided that they can pre-determine the leaders or “Trouble Makers” of a demonstration, target them, assassinate them if need be and Exploit the psychological effect of an attack created by their public display of Democide, Death By Government.

This time it is Ferguson that has the National Guard called out on it.  What happens when its your small town?