Australian website (Pickering Post) posts what the Australian Left-media doesn’t want you to see

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This must not be allowed to take root in America. Freedom of Religion does not mean you get to bow down in the streets and block traffic. You know those steam rollers used to compact asphalt right after its been put on the road? Yeah I can see one of those in my garage if this happens.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

A reader from Australia just sent me this website (which we will add to our blogroll) and recommended we read it from time to time.  We will.

I picked this recent post to give you a taste of what is happening Down Under with its ever-expanding Muslim immigrant (refugee!) population.  Our Australian reader is not optimistic about Australia’s long-term survival.  I had just been thinking this morning about a new category for RRW—So, what did they expect? (when admitting Muslim migrants to western democracies).

At Lakemba, Australia mosque. How the hell did this happen?

If you thought you might escape to Australia—forget it!

From ThePickering Post (entitled: How the hell did we let this happen?) by Rennie Carter:

Australia! Land of the free. Land of opportunity. Land of milk and honey. Ask any hardworking Greek or Italian immigrant and they will tell you it is true…

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