Has Tamu Massif, a Colossus 119,000 sq mile volcano in the Pacific become active again?

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The Pacific Rim the Ring of Fire

My wife shared a series of photos she saw with me this morning that were very fascinating.  They are lights that seem to be under the Pacific ocean north east of Japan but what appears to be just slightly north of an ancient dead colossus volcano named Tamu Masif.  Now Tamu Massif is the second largest volcano known to man in out solar system.  That is pretty damn big.  Larger than the Yellowstone Park caldera.

bandicam 2014-08-27 10-23-57-388

With the growing earthquake and volcano activity around the world, is it to far fetched to think that this massive volcano may be awakening? bandicam 2014-08-27 10-06-37-996

The coordinates of the aircraft The Flying Dutchman that took the photos below are in pink shown in the above photo are far north of what is known to be Tamu Massif  but with all the activity this could be the results of a new fracture in the region.

bandicam 2014-08-27 10-04-58-708bandicam 2014-08-27 10-05-10-782bandicam 2014-08-27 10-05-06-798One of the commentors on the site supposed this may be Tamu Massif in his comments and provided a link to this page. I am just putting them together.  Unfortunately a search for seismic data in this same area yielded no results,  just seismic silence.   So what the hell is this?


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