Fidel Castro: ‘Dollar, Euro to Depend on Ruble, Yuan Due to Western Policies’

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Dollar Losing World Reserve Currency Status

BUENOS AIRES, September 2 (RIA Novosti) – The West’s policies will make the euro and dollar dependent on the yuan and ruble, former Cuban President Fidel Castro said in an article, published on Cubadebate website.

In his latest article released on Monday, Castro criticizes the policies of Washington and its European allies, which will he claimed would lead to an economic collapse, making the euro and dollar “useless paper.”

The growing Chinese economy, interacting with the Russian economy, with its huge economic and technical potential, will lead to the European and US currencies’ dependency on the ruble and yuan, the Communist politician argued.

“The European Economic Community under the inexorable and unconditional rule of the United States considered it is time to pay off scores with the two great nations – the ones, which, inspired by Marx’s ideas, accomplished a feat and put an end to colonial and imperialistic world order, imposed by Europe and the Unites States,” Castro said.

In May, Moscow and Beijing struck a groundbreaking $400 billion deal on Russian gas deliveries to China. The agreement was signed for 30 years and includes the construction of a massive gas pipeline to transport gas produced in Russia’s Irkutsk Region and Yakutia to the east, toward the Primorsky Territory and China.

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