Hip Hop Rap Artist Lil Boosie “African Americans Are The Worst Race” and “Arabs Run Our Neighborhoods”

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Bro wuz jus tryna be honest

Peter Bailey continues his critically acclaimed series by meeting up with Lil Boosie inside Miami’s James L. Knight Center where the two discuss the exploitation in gangster life in hip hop & Boosie’s responsibility as a a spokesman for the inner-city.

Hip Hop Artist Lil Boosie in an interview September 30 stated that the African-American race is the worst race in the world and that Arabs run their neighborhoods and that they need to take their neighborhoods back!

He then goes further to state that Black people need segregate back into black communities and hire their own teachers to teach “Our People”.  Nothing racist here folks .. keep moving. 

Lil Boosie:I just feel like African-American is the worst race in the world. First of all we kill each other. The white man ain’t waiting in yo bushes with a chopper. The White man ain’t trying to take your rims off your car. The white man ain’t ain’t ain’t ain’t ain’t ain’t doin all dis wrong, we doin dis to each other. So how can we say EFF the white man? He ain’t doin nutin but when you get in trouble doin his job. GUILTY! He He He ain’t doin nutin wrong.”

The host ask him if he thinks the white man helped create the atmosphere that lets blacks get into this culture and Lil Boosie expounds.

Lil Boosie: “I can implicate in that too. I feel like they brought drugs into the country you know uhh, they gave it to the blacks, the big dogs
in the black neighborhoods cause da gonna put it in da culture and we gonna smoke up all da drugs.”

“You don’t see the Italians selling keys dimes rocks on da block to da people so they can get strung out. Well we got pictures of Scarface, John Gottie we got all these pictures. Da know we gonna kill our race. You know da not da not da not da not taken it to da white guys and telling them break down dime rocks and sell um, naa da gonna sell weight. Cause it gonna all come right back to the black. That’s just how it is.”

The host ask Lil Boosie how do we get better and Lil Boosie breaks out the race card against, Arabs?

Lil Boosie: “Right now I don’t really know”, But then he figures it out. “I think I think what a lot uh blacks need to do get together and first take back our neighborhoods. You know the Arabs, everybody run our neighborhoods. You know every corner store is Arab, restaurants you know, if we was to form, to get our neighborhoods back and build our, have money to build our own education. You know, to where we hire our own teachers to teach our people. You know we gettin the government to teach our people. You know da don’t have the same love for us that we have for our kids”.